October : My Birth Month. 36th Birthday Celebration

It is my birth month and I have a goal in my life to balance everything since we only live once.  When I say balance this means to give time for everything without exception, this is making life more exciting.

Glorify God:

Our church celebrated 10th year anniversary, well I was one of the emcee of the program, and we had fun while glorifying God, our church is our extended family, we enjoyed the bonding reminiscing through the years and great food.  My husband was in charge of the program and as part of music ministry they sang 10 songs he  played rythm guitar and other members doing organ, guitar and beat box so this was really a "Performance" to glorify God.

Quick out of town trip with In Laws :

It was my dad in law's birthday I cooked pesto pasta, bought Grilled Bangus and prepared fruit salad to eat together for dinner, and as we finish our meal,  we headed to Tagaytay for a unplanned trip and quick get away, it was the road trip makes the bonding a lot of fun, we played guessing game which was initiated by the birthday boy - my daddy in law.  We settled in one of the fast food chain and sip hot choco and hot coffee and munch on a french fries, We were all just after a breath of fresh air then went back home again.

Time with my girls:

I had "girl bonding" with my kids, we all went to the mall to do some grocery shopping, dine in in one of their favorite fast food chain, had our frappe and had time for gamezone with them, talk about anything and eat everything that we can.  When we went home I coooked Baked Macaroni (which by the way I also want to blog and we watched movie.  We had so much fun and this I want them to remember once they grow old that as always we have this girl bonding from time to time, I know they will treasure that moment and as I treasure it before they'll get their own life.

Date with my mom :

My mom and I went  for a dinner date  in one of the chinese restaurant whom she loved since we should be dining in a buffet set up kind of dinner but our appetite was pleading no, we can not consume that much in one sitting. We had fun and catch up for the whole time we were not together, and I will be doing this date monthly.

Treat from my big sister :

Sister bonding, we dine in at Pizza Parlor we just can talk about anything, and at the same time annoy each other without reason, well that are sisters are for, showing your true colors, we had selfies and blame it to the lights for all the bad shots.,tsk!

Love for myself :

A time for myself, this should be the most awarding, just a quick trip at the salon for a hair  trimming, shaped my eyebrow, waxing out unwanted hair, home service pedicure and a massage is all good to me. Now, I started to read books on my spare time during ahmmm...oh yes! traffic, that is only the best spare time I can think of, otherwise I am all occupied.  I have also started to strictly watch my diet and workout every morning, this is the best gift I can give to myself, to be fit and  at the same time without looking 36, when I am already 36 years old, confused now?

Giving in to my Passion : Blogging

One listed out in my bucket list is to have my own URL, I admit that I may not still be capable of handing one, so the closer that I can get in pursuing my passion for blogging (Woooh!!) is being able to attend to one of the biggest event for bloggers, I welcome myself in Blogapalooza 2015, which happened 2days before my birthday. I am excited to blog this event as a first timer, now I really am convinced that I am true blood blogger! Haha

On my exact birthdate, it happens to be the Holloween Trick or Trick event in our company, the whole gang (my hubby, kids and yaya) went to Makati to support our kids Trick or Treat event, I was inside our room busy preparing then hubby and kids went inside and sang the Birthday song, while handing me the surprise gift from my eldest daughter, the "Bag"my new favorite bag!

When we are about to leave our house we saw my father in our gate, who traveled from Las Pinas to Cavite just to greet and hug me personally, is my father the sweetest?, my husband, my kids and yaya were so touch by my father gesture, and of course, A personal surprise visit to personally greet you of someone really dear to you, I was moved, this is how it works before facebook and cellphones conquered today's generation,

While on the Trick or Treat, meet the characters behind the costumes:

Youngest  Skye - as Pinkie Pie
Middle Sam - as Red Riding hood
Eldest Kathy - as herself the Cool Chic
Mommy as myself the Wicked Witch
Daddy as himself the Handsome and Hunk Dude

While at work, as doing my usual tasks, my boss handed me a birthday cake surprise from Starbucks with a note Happy Birthday! so sweet ayt!

At 12midnight my husband posted a message in my wall to greet me and this is the how the message goes :

To my wonderful and lovely wife,
to the mother of my children,
to my greatest critic (next to my mom smile emoticon )
to my inspiration, to my strength and my weakness, my all, my partner in everything, the light and storm surge of our house (hehe), to my ex-girl friend...
A blessed 36th year of existence! Happy birthday to you my beby! I thank God for this day you were born.
Thank you for being sweet and loving.
Thank you for being the woman and the wife I dreamt you to be.
Thank you for sticking it out with me through thick and thin!
Thank you for being my Bonnie!
Thank you for letting me introduce you to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
I love you to the moon and back. To God be the glory!

Yes! This is my 36th year and God is always with me in my journey and all Glory and Praises back to Him, I am nothing without God, which everything I have right now are all from Him, and even in the middle of trials I can not still help but thank Him for his goodness.  In my life I want to serve him more and more to thank Him for his goodness.

Thank you Lord!!!


  1. Happiest Birthday Sis! sarap ng month long celebration no.
    God bless you more and your family. Love you sis!

    1. More love love to you sis!! Miss you na big time! Hope to bond with you the soonest! Thanks. God bless!!! Mwah


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