Harry Potter Theme : DIY Easy Platform 9 3/4

Harry Potter Themed Party wouldn't be complete without Platform 9 3/4 so this was one in our priority in completing approaching the date of the party.

Things needed :
Used Table Cloth (Back Area), I used my old table cloth where I bought from Japan Store
Red Brown Paint the second to the smallest can
Dishwashing Sponge
Need a container that is as size of the sponge where you can put your paint and soak the sponge

First, lay the table cloth (blank area) on the floor, prepared the paint and sponge.

Just soaked the sponge in the paint make sure that the sponge is evenly coated with paint the put it in the cloth it is not important that layering are perfectly with even spaces since this must look like a brick wall until the all cloth are covered.

Then let it dry for a day to be sure.

Print or write the wording in a black Cartolina with a chalk : Platform 9 3/4

Then hang it and this will serve as your instant photobooth.

If you want to know more about DIY then you may leave your comment here!

Thank you for dropping by!


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