Harry Potter Theme : DIY Sorting Hat

I thought that making a DIY Sorting Hat will consume so much time but I was wrong, with the help of my eldest we were able to finish our DIY Sorting Hat in just one sitting approximately an hour and a half.

Materials Needed:
Hard Material Paper, it can be a box
Scratch Papers
Lot of Glue
Spray Paint (Black)

Cut the box into a circle then measure your head where you will need to cut another circle inside the circle, make sure the size of the inside circle fits the head so the sorting hat can be worn more than just a display.

Cut the small circle inside the big circle, then put the wire in each sides of the big circle to form a hat then cover the wire with scratch papers then glue hand in hand, it does not have any pattern just for as long it is sturdy enough if the scratch papes are thick enough then your may for another scratch paper like an eyes, nose and mouth but it is abstract-lke.

Let the glue dry.

Once dry then cover it with spray paint.

Let it dry and ready for instant photobooth attraction!

If you want to know more about DIY then you may leave your comment here!

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