Harry Potter Theme : Hermoine Amulet, Harry Potter Cake, Harry Potter theme cake pops and cupcakes

We are blessed to have a very supportive family who sponsored us with the sweet treats and an amulet necklace, it also comes with the snitch bracelet but my daughter gave it to her best friends as a friendship band it was ordered online and we are happy that it was delivered right just the day before her party.

Harry Potter, I personally choose the design for the cake which is a gift from my sister and my daughter loved it,  while the cake pops and cupcakes were made with love by my in laws!!! It was also my souvenirs for our loving guests!

It was a level up kind of party since this was prepared only for a week time but details of the decoration are really well thought of, I grabbed ideas from the blogs and so this is the best time to share mine and may other aspiring celebrant who want their birthday theme as Harry Potter can have my blog be their one of their guideline!!

If you want to know more about DIY then you may leave your comment here!

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