Food Review : Chili's Bar and Restaurant Alabang Town Center

Once in a while, hubby and I escape from our kids to have our date night. It was my off day and he called me up to meet at my in law's place where he parked our car, then we go straight away to Alabang Town Center to have our fine dining date night.  We decided to try out at Chili's Bar and Restaurant, it is the first time we will be trying out here.

We were greeted by the receptionist, introduced her name and the server who will be assisting us throughout our fine dining experience, she introduced us the menu as well the promo that is on going too bad the promo will just be until 26th of September.  As we browse the menu, we already have selected what to eat but when we called the server, he offered the promo once again since our order was just the same as what in the promo, where it consist of the 1 appetizer and 2 entrees

We ordered the following :

Wings over Buffalo

Pork Belly with Cilantro Rice and Brocolli and Carrots

Monterey Chicken with Mushed Potato and Brocolli and Carrots

Over all the experience was all worth it, the amount of serving was just right with the amount, you can even share it, that's how generous the serving is, and  the service was also great. The amount we paid for are just right, so nothing to rant or complain about.  When we paid our bill, the server told us to input the code of our receipt to get a free wings over buffalo on our next visit.  I did and got a confirmation to present the next time we dine at Chili's


  1. Eating at Chili's is always a treat. Try their Texas fries next time. Super yummy. The last time we dined there, they had unli margaritas for only Php300. ^_^



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