God's Message : Help your Body, Mind and Spirit.

List of Probelems as we grow older:

Self Pity
Attitude of guilt with regrets

As we grow older there are feelings we can't help but to feel, I am not old yet but as what I observe with the older people when I get to talk to them, the above mentioned problems are usually present. I am now on my 35th year of living and I am assesing myself, as I have listened to what our Pastor preached last Sunday the key to less feel the above list is to live with the verse as below :

Matthew 6:34  - Take therefore no thought for the morrow for the morrow shall thake thought for the things of itself sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Hold on to God's message to secure your feelings and take away all your worries for tomorrow.

Let us take a rewind, what can we do now to make our self worry free, as we know that God is taking in charge in our life so let us make our selves a favor, by doing the following.

Keep positve attitude
Exercise Regularly
Learn and Practice relaxation techniques
Accept that there are events you can not control
Eat healthy meals that are well balance
Get enough rest (at least 8-10 hours)

Yes, we do not have the power to control over things but what we can do is adjust to help our mind and spirit.

God has promised us good life and we need to take a hold of the promise He have given us.

Credits to our Pastor Joel Corroz


  1. Somehow, it doesn't go the same with me sis. As I got older (we're the same age, by the way), the negative feelings about myself subsided. It wasn't all about me anymore. Self-loathing has become self-acceptance, eventually. I have learned to accept things that I cannot change. :) Hope it goes the same way for everyone. Makes my life easier to handle. :)

    1. Happy for you about that sis, keep the positive attitude coming! What our pastor was actually referring to are for the senior citizens who have not live their life to the fullest. So now we are learning!! Thank you for dropping by!


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