My BIco Recipe

I cooked Sticky Rice, also known as BICO, this is my first try to cook this, and let me share with you my first attempt which happens to be successful.. I think ;)

2 Cups of Malagkit
1 Niyog (squeezed twice for coconut milk)
1/4 of Brown Suger

I bought a Niyog in the market and let the guy squeezed it for me the coconut milk and the kakang gata, then I washed the Malagkit rice, then just let it stay in the water (para lumambot), Mix the malagkit with a adequate amount of water, then add in the coconut milk and brown sugar, continously mix it until malagkit is already cooked. Let it cold.

My kids and hubby loved it, although I was not able to get the right texture for a normal bico, however the taste is really great!!


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