Our Mr. Christmas Tree is Up!

Last Saturday 5th of November 2011, we already started decorating our house.  This year just like last year, we had the same Christmas tree motif, Red and Gold with my kid's favorite cartoon character and stuff toys on it. My kids are really excited and my youngest is even singing (Christian Songs - Christ in the Vessel) while helping us out.

I was the one assigned for the design, while my kids and yaya was the one handing me the ornaments and my hubby was the one who handled the lights, our Christmas tree is not that big/tall, even one person can do and finish it with just an hour or two, but what we practice is team work and family bonding.

When our Mr. Chrismas Tree is all set, as usual our 4yr old baby girl was the one assigned to put the star on top., while his dad is carrying her.

It is the start of the Merry season of the year.  Let us not all forget that Christmas season is more than gift giving/receiving - - it is because Christ Jesus our Saviour was born to save us all from our sins, and for that we should always remember how blessed we are!!!


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