My Polvoron Recipe

My kids and hubby really loved my Polvoron recipe, I just want to share it here :

Powdered Milk
Melted Butter (for molding and intact polvoron)

Just toast the flour for about 15 minutes, until brown. Put in a bowl, mix it with the powdered milk for about 3minutes then mix the sugar, then the melted butter, for the servings it may vary with your taste, some like it with more milk. Then let it cold, place it in a japanese paper, then let put inside the fridge.

But for my kids they can't wait until to place it in japanese paper they eat it straight away.haha


  1. Kahit ako sis, kkutsarain ko na yun agad.. hahah..
    thanks for sharing..

  2. I used to make polvoron back home but when my kids brought a large size molder here in US, I just quit making it, nainis ako kasi mas gusto ko yung medium size lang.

  3. Well, our polvoron does not need any molder anymore, it goes straight away from my kid's mouth.haha

  4. Just followed your blog :)

    Madali lang pala gumawa ng polvoron. Maka-gawa nga ngayong weekend :)


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