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I am 34yrs old, mom of 3 Kids ages 14 years old, 7 years old and the youngest 1 year old. I learn that being a parent is not just supporting your kids with material needs but also supporting and fulfilling their spiritual and psychological needs.  I need to listen to their dreams and all the things they want to do in their life or even their plans for the next hour, it  make me realize on how to treat and give them my undivided attention and fair treatment according to their age.

My 14 year old, incoming 9th grade gets to get my attention by talking to me discussing of what she wants to do, her ideas talk anything under the sun gives her my opinion of what and what not, at least we get to have our time.

While my 1 year old, gets all the attention she need from me and her dad since she needs guidance from us, morning until night 24 hours if possible.

On the other hand, my 7 year old (middle child) do not know where to place herself getting attention from us her parents, resulting make silly things, saying non sense things just to get my attention.  I realized that I am a middle child, that is really the dilemma. I do not want to let my middle child feels that she is not getting the proper attention because of her two siblings.

What I did to atleast make an action with my realization :

I talked to my husband that if our 7 year old talks to us anything even it does not mean to us, to make sure to listen and responds, we must pay attention to all her non sense. Sometimes for us it is non sense but for her as a 7 year old it means so much to her.

I talked to her yaya and our eldest to use the smoothest approach when in unavoidable situation our middle daughter make silly things and it causes to lose their patients it is just because that is one way of telling us that she needs attention.

As a middle child myself unknowingly I did things to get my parents attention that leads to rebellion, and having experienced it, I want to correct it to my children.

Everyday is learning for me being a mom, parent, and friend to my kids. I hope you learn too!!!


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