Updo Messy Hair Bun

This is my favorite hairstyle this summer time, effortlessly updo messy hair bun that look fashionable but then before the K-Pop stars or Korean models makes this hairstyle a hit, I just look like a haggard mom with hands full of chores...so glad that this kind of hair make it to a fashion side.

I saw one in the Pink Box store a pony designed to give you an updo hair bun look, that costs about 100php. But if you do not want to spend, I  watched in youtube, that you can make your own bun pony tail out of an old sock that you just have to cut the end part then roll to have a donut look, then tie it in your hair.

For my hair, I just have to tie it with an updo style instead of letting my hair down I roll it,  scatter your hair, then insert  the excess hair in the pony to make it look fuller.

Messy yes, but quite fashionable

Great hairstyle for summer


  1. nice hairdo! I'd love to try that one time, but then i am still waiting for my hair to reach the length that will allow me to do that bun (i had super short hairstyle last year) :)

    The Budget Fashion Seeker

  2. It's so much more comfortable putting the hair up during these hot summer months, right? I also put my hair up like this whenever it gets too hot. :)

  3. haha nice one sis! I really love your bun., :)


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