Affordable Family Bonding

It is not all the time you have the budget to splurge when it comes to bonding with your family, there are times that you really want to go out but just thinking about the amount you would be spending make you just want to stay at home, but our kids will not understand that at times, all they know is that they want to enjoy their day outside of the four corners of your house. 

All options listed below are family bonding/food trips you may enjoy in less that 500php, nowadays 500php is just for 2 persons that you may be able to eat decently and with generous amount of servings.  However, we are family with 5 members, plus we have our yaya so total of the real world, you must have at least 1000-1500 php in order all of us can dine in, and be at least satisfied with what we get for the value of our money.

My husband and I have tried all kinds of family bonding activities that I know of, I want to share this to all parents who are practical and still want to enjoy outdoor activities without sacrificing their budget. This options are also best if you have your private vehicle and your are located in South area.

1.  Evia along Daang Hari  - There are tables situated in the middle of the area, what we usually do is order at the nearest Shakey's Restaurant since we have Super Card so we take advantage of the  two pizza for the price of one.  Then we eat at the table, when my kids are done eating they enjoy at the playground area, just look after your kids carefully for their safety.  Aside from eating pizza you also have the option to buy food inside Rustan's Food Court, Bread Talk, or inside Rustan's Supermarket for a chips or cookies and drinks.

Peso Power : 500php

2 Pizza with Pepsi One Liter

2.  Nuvali  - If you have gas and toll fee to spare and food to bring with you, then Nuvali in Sta Rosa Laguna will be the best place for you, just do not forget to bring utensils, picnic mat and ball so your kids can enjoy playing while you are relaxing and lying down on the Bermuda grass. No Entrance Fee and no need to dine in at the fancy restaurant, a whole lot of savings for you!

Peso Power : 500php

Gas/Toll Gate/Snacks and your own baon

3.  Family Mart - One of the newest discovery, late night trip or ice cream craving you may visit Family Mart that is nearest you, they also have tables if you want to hang out with your kids, and enjoy their bread, pastries, pasta and twirl all you can ice cream, fun but yet inexpensive.

Peso Power : 300php

Pizza Pan - 55php
Twirl all you can  - 30php each

4. Shopwise  - They have Chicken Value Meals, this comes with rice, side dishes and drinks. Aside from that they also have bread and pastries that you may ask to reheat so you can enjoy eating them for dine in as they also have tables available in the bread and pastries area. Affordable and full of serving and while enjoying the taste with a class, far more affordable than those in the fast food chains

Peso Power : 500php or less

Chicken Meal or
Bread/Pastries price starts as low as 10php - 90php

5. Starmall  - Food court in Starmall are really my favorite, they have the most affordable home cook food menu and the taste is not even commercialized.  They have 2 viands (1 meat/1 veggies) of your choice plus one rice for only 59php, where can you find that same price inside the mall, I love their merienda dishes and my husband enjoys their lunch menu, all with generous amount.

Peso Power : 300php or less

2 viands (1 meat/1 veggies) of your choice plus one rice for only 59php

If you have any other suggestions that you may want to add in please do, I will be adding it and keep updating this post.

Go out and bond, make memories with your kids.  Remember don't let your budget control you, you control your budget and learn on how to play with it.

Enjoy your next bonding!!!


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