Food Review : Twirl all you can - Family Mart

We are an Ice Cream lover, and so upon learning the offer Twirl all you can in Family Mart, we went there to experience and taste the flavor they offer first hand.

We went to Family Mart- Imus Branch.  The parking is spacious, we immediately had our space, they have a lot of tables available at that when we entered the store, though there were also a lot who were hanging out that time :couples, groups or families like us!

My husband ordered Pizza Pan for 55phph for one piece and 3 orders of Twirl all you can Ice Cream 30php each, the only flavor they have available that time was Pistachio. I do the honor of twirling all the three cones and since I worked at a fast food chain before when I was still working student, I can do the twirling perfectly and effortlessly, other customer saw my cone and they were amazed by it..

Verdict : It seem easy to twirl but when you are doing it, well you might panic.  If you know how to twirl an ice cream on a cone properly the 30php price is worth the value of your money, since you will be able to make a tall twirl ice cream in your cone, but if not, then this is just for win-win situation.  The ice cream taste less sweet for the Pistachio flavor, my husband and kids enjoyed it!


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