Life Review : 2014 Accomplishments

When year 2014 started, my plan was just to clean up our loans and update all our monthly bill balances, and so it happened, little do we know that God have much bigger plan for us, it is indeed true that if you have God in your side who will ever be against you. In everything give thanks and praise the Lord!

Our youngest celebrated her 1st Birthday party and it was a success
Endless out of town trips with hubby and our kids :

Island Cove

Hubby and I had our Boracay vacation last Summer
We had our 1994 car upgraded to 2014 Mirage G4 model
No more Loans

and the list is endless, but one thing is for sure, you may plan what to do ahead for the next year,  when God has different plans for you then God's will be done. His hands are the most powerful that can turn things and events around that you least expected.

God's grace is sufficient, it is always enough with what we ask for!


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