Food Review : Buffet 101 Longest Buffet Table in the Philippine (Glorietta 2)

Buffet 101

We had our satisfying dinner at Buffet101,  I checked in at the table exactly 5PM when the Dinner buffet starts, took picture first whle waiting for our other colleague, the place was elegant, it was cover with chandilier at every corner of the place, very close to the typical hotel ambience buffet place I have tried before, except this was located inside the mall.  Well, as for me I want to get every cents worth here, so I came in early.

Started it with the pinoy dishes, I always have the variety of sushi everytime I get my rounds, I just can't resist it! They have wide range of dishes-  all kinds of cuisine, except they do not have the on-the-spot cooking of pasta, I love pasta and they just have limited kinds of pasta served.  They have unlimited drinks though, of all sorts from iced tea, lemon juice, fruit shakes, coffee, tea and wine! Tried the wine but it was not cold so I was not able to finish it.

Another round, got the Italian dishes, minus the pizza I forgot to taste their slice of pizza, I am supposed to get of one of their mini burget/bread but it feels it's hard as a rock, so never mind.. Their prime cut beef was superb and all kinds of chicken were the best plus another round of sushi was included in my plate.

For another round, I took the dessert this time, all kinds of sweet that look appealing, I tasted, it was really there to satisfy your sweet tooth, while my other colleague enjoyed halo halo, for me this is not time to eat that, since it will make me feel more bloated.

As for my last plate, I took a plate of fruits different kinds, a better way to end the buffet plus the gummi bear.

We left at around 9PM, so 5PM-9PM, you think I got my peso worth? For me yes of course!

Advise :  If you want to make your peso worth, take my advise :

1. Come in early.

2. Be with someone you will truly enjoy the company, and you enjoy what you are doing and that is eating.

3. Take a liitle serving of the dishes that look enticing, just for a taste so you can try almost all of their dishes (which is very impossible to do).

4.  Do not indulge with their drinks, yes it is unlimited but make sure to control otherwise this will end your buffet experience.

5. Take a Rest, it will not hurt you when your table is food-less at least for the next 15minutes, just wait for the food to settle to get your next round.

Verdict : I would want to dine here again, so this means I am satisfied with their food and my experience was good.

Buffet 101 - longest Buffet Table in the Philippine (Glorietta 2)

Photo : from Buffet101 FB Page


  1. Looks delish. How much per head? I always pass by their branch in Galleria, I might suggest this to my friends for our Christmas get together.


  2. that is a good idea, for their lunch it is 699+ for dinner is 899+ weekdays, weekends at around 1050+.. thanks for dropping by


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