Field Trip : Gardenia Bread Factory, Rizal Shrine Museum, Lucky Me Factory and Enchanted Kingdom

I accompanied my 2nd child who is already on her 5th Grade in her Educational Trip. She was so excited, that she even come up with her own  list to bring 2 days before her Field Trip day.

So when the day came and she woke up early and very giddy of the whole day event, I am glad I am there to experience it with her!

Our first stop was at Gardenia Factory, this is not the first time we were here, but still she was interested on how the bread making process is being done right before her eyes. Picure taking is not allowed inside the factory, but we were able to take photo ops outside and they sell breads of course at a factory price!!

2nd stop, Rizal Shrine Museum, we went inside the house of Dr. Jose Rizal and the tour guide explained as we explore the details inside the antique, old but maintained house.  Just be very careful with the furnitures and be very cautious on not breaking anything everything that is inside the house are remarkably valuable.

3rd stop. the most awaited part of this Educational Field Trip - Enchanted Kingdom. We went inside Mr. Sun is really with all his might shining down on us.. It was all hot falling in line at the entrance gate. When we were inside the Theme Park, I asked my daughter what rides she want to try and I am game to go with her, no matter what ride is that, her first choice was Up, Up and Away, so we did fall in line, her classmates and teachers where there too, so we joined their adventure ride after ride after ride, until it rained so hard and they are heading to Rio Grande. I  decided not to go with them anymore since I do not want to get my daughter wet in Rio Grande, I saw Rialto and I remember my HongKong Disneyland experience when we watched the 4d and I know my daughter will surely enjoy the experience.

It rained so hard and going inside the theater is the best idea, and we watched Ice Age 4d and my daughter had the time of her life, and really wants to experience it again and again!

We then went back to the bus since the rain won't just stop and it was just in time that we are ready to leave the place!

My daughter was really happy and that was my agenda, to not limit her with the rides for as long as it is not going to make her field trip the most memorable one, let her wet play with her classmates and enjoy her day.  Next year she will be on her 6th grade and she might want to go in her Field Trip on her own, who knows?! (mother on emo)

I am once again in charge of helping her on making her Field Trip Portfolio and for sure this is another bonding moment she is looking forward too.


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