October 2017 : My 38th Birthday Celebration

October is my birthday month, and so that means celebrating for the whole month.

First week of October I celebrated together with my dad in law's birthday celebration in Yakimix for a sumptuous dinner with the whole family.  A very good way to kick start my birthmonth celebration.

Second week, had a date with my kids, less my eldest since she need to attend important appointment.

Also had dinner with my sister's family in North Park at Alabang Town Center then after we had our sweet treat desert in Cold Stone.

Third week, we headed to Singapore for a 4day trip and had the time of our life.  Best birthday gift from husband!!!

On my exact birthday, it was also the trick or treat of our company so we headed to McDonald's Greenbelt with my 2 kids with their cutie witch costume.. They had so much fun and brought home too much sweets.  It was a great experience for them.

Fourth week, my favorite mareng sissy visited me at our place for a very hefty dinner, and non stop conversation, we missed each other so much. We have not even planned for the up coming special event of her life. So this calls for a second meeting!!! teehee

Celebrated birthday with our church mates with all the October celebrants, by staying overnight with our church mates house.   Swimming, Food Trippin', Endless conversation until midnight and food trippin again.

My 38th birhtday was celebrated differently since we were out of the country, and at the same time celebrated with family and friends, received gifts from my friends had a box of sign pens (cause I love to write), received cards from my kids, charles and keith bag, and cakes.  I love October, but what I love more is celebrating it with my loved ones and friends.


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